Payroll Solutions

Payroll Solutions

Cobden and Carter are licensed Implementation partners of Sage in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Greater China and as such are uniquely positioned to represent this world leading brand of solution provider.

The software is pre-configured to local governmental requirements and is continually updated to reflect legislative changes, automatically.

The modules are designed to integrate your existing ERP system and with the Applicant Tracking System Jobtrain.

Data can be passed between the modules as and when required resulting in a seamless functionality between all elements of the system.

Core Module

Manages employees’ employment and personal information. This module also stores information about the company’s manpower.


  • Overview of all employee information.
  • Employees’ career progression management.
  • Customization of work calendars according to company policy.
  • Different types of employment (Permanent, Part- time, Contract etc.)
  • Auto updates of yearly CPF contribution rate.


  • Gives a one-click access to employer and employee details.
  • Launches Interface Viewer to view Personnel / Employee details in a single window.
  • Anniversary date alerts for important tasks to be completed.
  • Easy import from and export to MS Excel files.


  • Company, Personnel and Employment Reports.
  • Basic Rate, Career and Contract Progression Reports.
  • Length of Service and Staff Movement Reports.
  • New Joiner, Confirmation, Cessation and Retirement Reports.
  • Personal Information Consent Form.

Payroll Module

Manage payroll processes completely from data gathering, various tax calculations to statutory submissions. It enables you to track and manage each employee’s pay while computing bonuses and incentives based on user-defined criteria and formula.


  • Support for various banks and statutory submissions.
  • Multiple Pay Records per employee (Allowance/ Deduction/ Reimbursement)
  • Quick look at an employee’s pay history.
  • Customizable pay period and pay items.
  • Multiple Overtime (OT) tables and rates that are user defined.
  • Itemized payslips and E-mail payslips.
  • Direct CPF Submission.


  • System automatically keeps up-to-date with statutory requirements
  • Pay elements are easily automated by a group or individual


  • Statistical reports
  • Payroll Summary reports
  • Pay and Bonus Analysis reports
  • Payroll Variance report
  • MOM Labour Market Survey Report

Leave Module

Provides all the necessary templates, leave types, calendars and reports commonly used by both private and public organisations. Yet, it also allows you to create your own calendars, policies and leave types. The Leave Module also helps you manage and compute leave   for employees, this computation is derived from values entered in the Payroll and Costing Module.


  • Differentiated Leave Type by a custom colour indicator in calendar view.
  • Credit leave and expire feature.
  • Separate leave policies for different groups or employees.
  • Leave suspension and Leave forfeit functions.
  • Employee leave policy progression.


  • Option for leave entitlement to be based on Calendar (Calendar Year / Fiscal Year) or Anniversary (Hire Date / Confirmation Date) method.
  • Allows different leave policies with unlimited leave types to be assigned to an individual or a group.
  • Ideal for companies with different work time profiles and shifts.


  • Leave Costing and Provision Report
  • Leave Details Summary

Mobile Leave Module – This mobile extension allows your staff to access their leave information on-the-go and enables managers to approve leave anywhere, anytime.

Human Resource Module


  • Medical claim policies to be assigned to individuals or groups at different transaction and period limits.
  • Record of medical claim balance, capping limits and past records.
  • Customizable appraisal forms and grading systems where bonus and incentives are linked to Payroll Module.
  • Employee training details such as course fees, subsidies, grants and certificates.

Medical Component

  • Medical Claim – Administration of medical benefits for various types of entitlements based on employee group or level.
  • Medical Examination – Manage employee’s medical examination results, fees and other reimbursements.
  • Medical History – Manage records of employee’s current and previous medical condition and treatment.

Training Component

  • Manage each employee’s training history, training courses and costs.

Appraisal Component

  • Manage each employee’s performance appraisal. Appraisal forms are customizable using the Form Designer feature.


  • Reduces manual workload of administrative duties yet gives you visibility on your workforce


  • Appraisal Reports.
  • Competency Report.
  • Employee Skill Report.
  • Exit Interview Report.
  • Award / Discipline Report.
  • Items Issued Report.
  • Job History Report.
  • Job Responsibility Report.
  • Medical Report.

Employee Self-Service Module (ePortal)

An intuitive online portal that allows an employee to access his or her HR data such as pay, leave and claims details anytime, anywhere, allowing him/her to apply leave and submit expense claims online.



  • Online leave application and submission.
  • Multi-tier leave approval via email.
  • Notifications to HR and Admin departments upon approval or rejection.
  • Auto-updates of backend Leave Module upon approval.
  • Links to the Payroll Module for deduction of a No Pay leave application.


  • Online application and submission of claims.
  • Automated multi-tier claims approval via email.
  • Notifications to HR and Admin departments upon approval or rejection.
  • Links to the Payroll Module for reimbursements.
  • Categorization of claims.
  • Petty cash, medical and monthly allowance claims.
  • Allowance for various types of claims to be defined; such as general expense claims, meals and transport, and overseas trip claims.


  • Search and application for training courses electronically.


  • Survey forms, feedback forms and appraisal forms


  • Job vacancies posting


  • Eliminates manual data entry.
  • Reduces human error.
  • Enforces leave and claim policies.
  • View monthly payslips electronically.
  • Download up-to-date company handbook.

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