Psychometrics and Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Psychometrics and Emotional Intelligence Assessments

We are proud to work with the leading P&EI assessment tools which guarantee a substantial impact on talent retention and performance as well as quantifiable return on financial investment.


Used by many leading organizations, we install the confidence in decisions relating to hiring, promotion, development, retention and of course the financial investments involved.

It also enables managers to understand the emotional intelligence of their team, providing guidance on how to manage each individual to get the best out of them and collectively the team.

As an organization, you will have a culture, identity, ethos and ideology. In order to maintain the brand reputation, each employee must be aligned to these. We enable this by giving you the psychometric profiling of each current or potential employee so the competency balance and team dynamics can be structured for maximized effectiveness.

*** 96% of our users have rated their profiles 90% accurate. That compares with only 19% accuracy for methods that ignore the crucial link between personality and performance ***

Introduction to P3

P3 is an on-line talent management system that uses an assessment instrument to help companies hire and manage people who will perform well in their job. It offers a detailed profiling on a person’s natural tendencies, communication styles, emotional intelligence, motivational needs, decision-making abilities, energy levels and more.

It provides fast results in a cost effective manner and can easily be used and interpreted by non-specialists. The reports are in plain English and provide practical insights that managers can understand and use immediately to impact employee performance.

A web based application, P3 has a straightforward and intuitive menu driven system. It can be used in conjunction with an organization’s standard HR operating processes or it can be fully integrated into a company’s existing Talent Management platform using our web services model. In addition to supporting employee selection, P3 helps with employee on-boarding, team dynamics, employee performance and succession planning and employee development.

Selection Assessment

The Selection expert feature is a tool which allows you to identify specific personality and behavioral traits that would make a candidate naturally inclined to succeed at a specific role within your company and culture.

The P3 tool identifies the candidate’s personality traits by using the Candidate Profile, which only takes 15 minutes to complete. The tool identifies the personality traits and behavioral tendencies known to correlate with effective performance in a specific job through the Job Profile.

You can also use the systems online ‘IQ Test’ during interview stage and the ‘recommended interview questions’ which relate directly to the candidates individual behavioral traits.
Other features include:

  • Candidate to job comparison reports
  • Recommended Job advertisement
  • Cultural fit
  • Manager to candidate profile comparison
  • Create your own job profile for niche roles

Team Communication and effectiveness

Every team in your organization can benefit from P3 Team Expert: with your boards and throughout the executive and leadership team the profile data can be used to improve communication. Every team will benefit, both permanent and those brought together for specialist activities and projects.

The P3 Psychometric system is a precise tool that gives you, the employers, the power to identify specific personality traits and behavioral tendencies in both existing employees and all potential new recruits.

This makes P3 an ideal tool to use when identifying which candidate would naturally be inclined to succeed at any specific job and therefore ideally complements the recruitment and promotion assessment process.

When used to assist selection, once you have hired, P3 is the tool that can be further utilized to build and continually strengthen the success of the team they are joining.

The high-tech P3 toolbox can be used to maximize any team’s effectiveness. The reports in the Team Expert module will steer you through the challenges every new team faces, and enable you to select the right team members to meet those challenges. Proper use of Team Expert will dramatically enhance cooperation and understanding among team members, and make integration of new members both rapid and effective.

Because people differ widely in their individual behavior choosing the right fit for your organization can deliver significant financial gain.

Management communication

The P3 Management Expert gives you the power to maximize your human resources.
Starting with the Communication Profile, you are able to build a more effective workforce, open and enhance your lines of communication, resolve conflict more effectively and motivate your employees to achieve their true potential.

The Management Expert tool provides both Peer to peer and manager to team member profile comparisons.

The ‘manager to staff profile comparison’ report is an excellent tool to improve communication with staff. It identifies the key behavioral tendencies and personality traits, in both the managers and the staff, thereby identifying what influences the way communications, verbal and non-verbal, are delivered and received.

This data can be used to inform Management Development activities supporting communication style adjusts and enabling the successful delivery of future communication.
The Management Expert is an invaluable asset to all business coaching.

Myers Briggs

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire is the most widely used personality questionnaire worldwide.

More than 3.5m questionnaires are completed worldwide every year and there are over 13,000 qualified users in Europe. It is based on over 50 years research and development and is available in 19 languages.

The MBTI questionnaire describes an individual’s personality preferences. It represents these in four dimensions:

Extraversion  or Introversion
Prefers to draw energy from the outer world of activity, people and things Prefers to draw energy from the inner world of reflections, feelings and ideas
Sensing or Intuition
Prefers to focus on information gained from the five senses and on practical applications Prefers to focus on patterns, connections and possible meanings
Thinking or Feeling
Prefers to base decisions on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect Prefers to base decisions on a valuing process, considering what is important to people
Judging or Perceiving
Likes a planned, organised approach to life, and prefers to have things decided Likes a flexible, spontaneous approach and prefers to keep options open

The various combinations of these preferences result in 16 personality ‘types’. Each is associated with a unique set of behavioral characteristics and values.

These provide a useful starting point for individual feedback, self-exploration and group discussion.

The key uses of MBTI are;

  • Individual development– understanding your own preferred working style and how to develop it more effectively.
  • Management and leadership development– helping managers and leaders to appreciate the impact of their personal styles on others. Identify their strengths and any areas that they may need to develop in order to become more effective.
  • Teambuilding and development– increase awareness of the teams working style and consequently improve team communication, enhance problem solving, encourage appreciation of diversity and resolve conflict.
  • Organizational change– understand why people react differently to change and how to support them through change.
  • Improving communication– help people to understand how to communicate effectively with different people and develop influencing and persuading skills.

A key element of the MBTI is that it is not a trait measurement tool- that is to say it does not measure amounts of good or bad, right practice and incorrect practice- it merely sets out how an individual is naturally inclined, their consequent strengths and areas of development and from this engenders a greater understanding of other types.

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