Talent Strategy Planning

What is your Talent Strategy? Do you have one? This is the most integral aspect of a corporate strategy.

Organizations need a concise roadmap defining their approach to Talent from who / when / how you hire talent through to who / when / how you develop and retain them.

Without employees, there is no employer.

Our approach to defining a bespoke Talent strategy will depend entirely on the vision of the client. We want to understand fully what you want to achieve, by when and why you are not yet there.

If you cannot answer these questions, you may need to assess your current approach to Talent:

  • Who are your “super stars”?
  • Do you have a succession plan in place?
  • Do you have a clear Competency Framework in place?
  • Do you know your employees strengths and weaknesses? Do they?
  • Do you know their aspirations?
  • Do you have a high employee attrition rate?
  • Is the average tenure of your workforce less than 5 years?
  • Does it take you longer than 4 weeks to hire for key roles?
  • Are your compensation and benefits competitive in the market?
  • Are your employees happy and engaged?
  • Can you define the company culture? Would employees define it the same way?
  • Do they understand what is expected from them? Do you know what is expected from them?

There are many more questions to ask but the above give an initial indicator of whether you need to assess your Talent strategy.

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