Business Success Ahead

Head Hunting / Talent Acquisition

We bring a unique approach to Executive search and selection and keep the traditional concept of a true headhunter – we target the passive candidates, the candidates who never apply to adverts, never reply to emails on LinkedIn and who only move jobs if the job finds them…..usually via us.

Our delivery is always fast yet extremely detailed by our highly trained head-hunters. We are as good as anyone in what we do…..and far better than most.

Talent Strategy Planning

What is your Talent Strategy? Do you have one? This is the most integral aspect of a corporate strategy.

Organizations need a concise roadmap defining their approach to Talent from who / when / how you hire talent through to who / when / how you develop and retain them.

Without employees, there is no employer.

Our approach to defining a bespoke Talent strategy will depend entirely on the vision of the client. We want to understand fully what you want to achieve, by when and why you are not yet there.

Reward, Risk, Compensation & Benefits

To gain the competitive advantage, attracting and retaining key employees is fundamental to any organizations on-going success.

It is essential to be positioned competitively in terms of compensation, benefits and reward structures in the Talent market. It is also essential to understand the Risk if this is not the case. This is an investment rather than cost initiative.

  • Benchmarking
  • Job and Organization Evaluation
  • Total Reward Statements
  • Bonus + Incentive Plan design